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Durty Nelly’s Inn, your affordable hostel in the center of Amsterdam

Experience our unique capsule beds, a modern twist on hostel stays in Amsterdam, or opt for the exclusive feature with our bunk bed female-only dormitory. The rooms have multiple pods, accommodating several guests in a shared space. Our spacious bathrooms with refreshing rain showers ensure you start your day feeling refreshed and ready to explore all that Amsterdam has to offer.

Nestled in the City Centre of Amsterdam right next to the bustling Red Light District and a short stroll from cultural spots, Durty Nelly’s is the perfect hub for immersing yourself in the city’s rich culture and lively energy. With our prime downtown location, you’ll have easy access to Amsterdam’s top attractions, vibrant nightlife, and countless hidden gems.

Capsule Beds

  • Durty Nelly's offers capsule beds, also known as pods, in shared dormitory-style rooms
  • Each capsule bed is a single bed enclosed within a compact space, typically in a bunk bed arrangement
  • The capsule beds are 3.15 square meters in size, equipped with a power and USB socket and reading lights
  • The rooms have multiple bunk beds, accommodating several guests in a shared space
  • Staying in the capsule beds include access to shared bathroom
  • The capsules are designed for efficiency and provide a cost-effective accommodation option

Female Only Dorm

  • Durty Nelly's also provides an exclusive female only dormitory
  • The bunk beds offer both upper and lower bunks, with multiple beds in a room
  • Guests can enjoy the affordability and social atmosphere of shared accommodations
  • Staying in the ladies dorm include access to the female-only bathroom


  • Durty Nelly's features shared bathrooms for guests staying in capsule beds or bunk beds
  • These bathrooms are conveniently located within the accommodation premises
  • The bathrooms are shared among guests and are well-maintained and equipped with necessary amenities
  • Guests can expect cleanliness and comfort during their stay